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Benefits of chocolate

Many people would be skeptical upon hearing about the health benefits of chocolate. One of the world’s greatest health food has too long had the reputation of being a junk food. It isn’t the chocolate itself that is the culprit, but things that are added to chocolate, such as an excessive amount of sugar or other candies and sweets, that can counteract the benefits of chocolate.

A small, plain chocolate bar has only 250 calories. Dark chocolate often provides more benefits of chocolate than milk chocolate, which give additional fats. Cocoa butter has been blamed for chocolate’s reputation as a high fat food. Although cocoa butter has some cholesterol, it also contains phenolen which has been proven to dramatically reduce heart disease and is the reason that many doctors tout the benefits of chocolate in preventing the recurrence of strokes.

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If caffeine is a concern, it is good to know that chocolate has much less caffeine than a cup of coffee, which has 130-160 milligrams, whereas an ounce of chocolate has six. In any case, it is better to forego coffee than chocolate since coffee has none of the benefits of chocolate.

A study in Holland has shown that the benefits of chocolate surpass the benefits even of well known health foods. Chocolate was found to have four times the antioxidants of green tea. Have you ever wondering why chocolate makes you so happy? One of the benefits of chocolate is that it releases endorphins which is a natural opiate that promotes relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Chocolate also contains flavenoids which reduce platelet activity and promote relaxation. However, the more chocolate is processed, the more flavenoids or lost, so it is best to stick to as natural a variety of chocolate as possible.

If concern over cavities is preventing you from enjoying the benefits of chocolate, you should be glad to know that cocoa butter creates a coating on the teeth as the chocolate is being eaten, actually preventing the sugar in chocolate to have a destructive effect on your teeth. But if you want to make sure you are protected, brush your teeth after eating chocolate.

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