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Flaxseed benefits

The benefits of flaxseed were practically forgotten until a few years ago. Flaxseed has been prized for its contribution to healthy living for over 4,000, and the father of medicine, Hippocrates, hailed the benefits of flaxseed. It is a versatile foodstuff that can be tossed into salads, pasta dishes or cooked into muffins.

One of the benefits of Flaxseed is that is has the same Omega-3s or heart healthy fats that are available in fish oil, and are a wonderful alternative to fish for strict vegetarians or for those who donít like the taste of fish. One of the benefits of flaxseed that, like oily fish, it has been shown to lower cholesterol. In addition, flaxseed has been shown to stabilize blood sugar, lower the risk of breast and colon cancers, reduce inflammation and the symptoms of Parkinsonís disease, and relieve asthma.

A study was conducted with 39 women who were undergoing breast cancer treatment. They all ate a muffin every morning containing 25 mg of flaxseed oil. Out of the 39 patients, 29 saw a substantial improvement in their condition. The benefits of flaxseed are being studied in connection with preventing heart disease, osteoperosis and macular degeneration.

The active ingredients responsible for the benefits of flaxseed are lignana, phytoestrogens, which regulate hormones, and anti-oxidants. If you use flax seeds rather than just flaxseed oil, you will also get a good amount of fiber. Make sure that you ground the flax seeds in a blender before using them, since whole flax seeds do not digest completely. It is recommended to take at least 1TB of ground flaxseeds or flaxseed oil a day, but many people enjoy the flavor and incorporate flaxseeds into their regular menus. Try spreading flaxseeds on whole wheat toast with some honey for a heart healthy breakfast. Or, if you make your own bread, add some flaxseed to the dough as you would rye seeds.

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