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Benefits of music education

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If you wept buckets over Mr. Hollandís Opus, or even if you have never heard of the film, you probably have heard about the benefits of music education. Although many public schools insist that they have limited time and budget to devote to music education, the overwhelming benefits of music education are worth considering.

Scores of studies have demonstrated the relationship between music education and excellence in scholarly achievement, particularly in the area of math. In addition to the academic benefits of music education, there are also social benefits, since it has been shown that kids involved with band or orchestra have the lowest rates of drug abuse and violence and the highest percentage of college-bound students.

What do the benefits of music education have to do with academic subject, such as math? Playing a musical instrument develops spatial intelligence and facilitates the interplay between the two lobes of the brain. It was found that, among musicians, the corpus collosum, or the mass linking the left and the right sides of the brain, is thicker and more developed; the benefits of music education are evident even at a cellular level. Start off your own musical hobby today by downloading sheet music to print out and play. Music students are also better at multi-tasking, or the ability to perform several tasks at once, a skill that is very valuable in the work place and in life. In fact, it was said in a Silicone Valley publication that, without exception, the best engineers and designers were also musicians. The benefits of music education can also effect oneís mood; a psychological study showed that musicians had a greater sense of well-being and had a more optimistic attitude about the future than non-musicians.

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Unfortunately, the benefits of music education are often overlooked and music classes often take a back seat to emphasis on sports. To compensate for this, many parents invest in private music lessons, and this investment often pays off in brighter, more confident kids as well as a home filled with beautiful music.

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