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Benefits of playing sports

The term “he/she’s a good sport” is often used outside of the baseball diamond or the basketball court, but what better place to learn to be “a good sport” than through sports? Children experience many benefits of playing sports, not just in their physical development, but in their social and intellectual development as well. Children who play sports are more able to deal with disappointment, are more comfortable with their bodies and are less likely to engage in destructive activities, like drug use, than couch potato kids. One of the benefits of playing sports is the development of motor skills as well as connecting between the mind and the body. If a person is going to block someone with the ball, for instance, he or she has to think in a split second about the best way to do it and to move quickly as a reaction to the brain’s decision and command. The benefits of playing sports toward the development of the mind and the body show that the “dumb jock” is just an empty expression; effective athletes are also smart and become smart through the benefits of playing sports.

The benefits of playing sports are not just for kids. There are plenty of adult leagues in baseball and basketball as well as tennis, swimming and volleyball. Joining an amateur league brings excitement into your life and spices up an otherwise dull exercise routine. The benefits of playing sports can also be evident in your social life; it is a great way of making new social contacts outside of the workplace. An important game or match can be a great incentive for getting yourself into top-notch physical condition, and one of the benefits of playing sports is that it adds a sense of purpose to a workout schedule. The best way to avoid burnout is to cross of the days until your big game.

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