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Benefits of walking

The benefits of walking are so many and the disadvantages are so few that walking is considered to be a virtually universal exercise. One of the most obvious benefits of walking is that almost anyone can do it. It doesn’t require training or expensive equipment, aside from a good pair of shoes (and even these, unlike running shoes for runners, do not need to be state of the art). It is a good idea, however, to do a few basic stretches before setting out to increase the benefits of walking. This exercise is something that can be done every day, at almost any time and can easily be incorporated into a busy schedule. Do you feel that you do not have time to exercise? Try getting off the bus a stop or two before your destination and walking the rest of the way, or parking the car twenty minutes away from your office. You can get substantial benefits of walking from a twenty minute work out, and walking twenty minutes two and from work provides two small workouts a day!

Some of the benefits of walking, compared to other forms of exercise, lies in the fact that it is a gentle yet effective way of stimulating the cardiovascular system, improving circulation, toning muscles and burning calories. Running a mile and walking a mile burn the same amount of calories, it is just that walking might take a bit longer, but a very rapid walking pace is not much slower than jogging. Other benefits of walking are connected with the fact that it is not difficult to motivate oneself to go out for a walk the way it might be to spend half an hour on a treadmill. A walker can enjoy the scenery, the company of friends, conversation (if the pace is comfortable), and a twenty minute walk can turn into an hour, whereas boredom on a treadmill can influence one to curtail exercise sessions.

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