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Insurance benefits

“Oh, for a man who sells insurance!” Dorothy Parker wrote about her “ideal” husband. A person can certainly do worse than sell insurance or to be close to someone who does, since there are as many kinds of insurance benefits packages today as there are potential mishaps.

Most people receive health insurance benefits through their employers, but retail and fast food jobs rarely offer any kind of insurance company benefits. The most generous employee insurance benefits are usually offered to state or federal employees, but often these jobs provide lower salaries than in the private sectors. A typical white-collar employee receives a package with health insurance benefits, excluding dental, vision insurance. The reason for this is that it is not worth it for a company to provide benefits for services whose cost exceeds the premiums paid. Most people have to obtain dental or vision insurance benefits through referral plans which provide a list of dentists willing to offer their service at a lower cost. This is a “price club” approach to providing insurance benefits.

Many regular insurance benefits’ packages provide the option of “upgrading” to a premium plan which provides benefits covering vision and dental needs as well as mental health.

In addition to health insurance benefits, once can opt for insurance benefits in case of flood or theft. These insurance plans involve monthly premiums and are usually not provided by employers. For those with children, signing up for plans providing life insurance benefits is essential and require relatively low premiums for most plans. Usually a medical exam is required to verify that the person purchasing the plan is in good physical condition. As with all insurance plans, be sure to read the fine print and familiarize yourself with which insurance benefits are a part of the plan, who is covered, and what restrictions and exemptions apply.

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