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Pilates benefits

Have you ever been involved in high-impact workouts such as long distance running or body building and experienced burn out or an injury? Are you looking for a gentle yet effective way of getting into shape. Pilates benefits the entire body from the inside out and provides both cardiovascular stimulation and conditioning for the muscles. Pilates benefits people of all ages, from the very young to the very old. Long after the marathon runners and iron pumpers will have gone into retirement, others can enjoy Pilates benefits at age 80, 90 or beyond.

Pilates benefits are many, including greater strength, firm muscle tone, improved posture, a flatter stomach and muscle suppleness and flexibility. Those who suffer from chronic back pain or from other sports injuries can enjoy Pilates benefits as they gradually see an improvement in their condition. The aim of Pilates is to develop the core of the body, around the abdominal muscles and in the lower back. Once the core is developed, the rest of the body is more easily aligned. Those who want to develop muscles gradually appreciate Pilates benefits, because, unlike other workouts which develop short, bulky muscles which are the most prone to injury, Pilates develops long, lean muscle which is the best for long term fitness. Pilates also emphasizes the close connection between mind and body while helping to reduce stress.

Many people today who are interested in improving their health and appearance are aware of Pilates benefits, and wherever you live, you are like to find Pilates classes geared toward all levels. If you wish to learn and practice Pilates in the privacy of your home, there are many Pilates videos and DVDs available. Pilates is a gentle yet effective way of obtaining optimum health and a sense of well being. Instead of being a quick fitness program to get in shape fast, Pilates benefits provide fitness for life.

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